A dream again.

You know who you are,
when you can't walk out the door.

When life spins and lunges
at you, you know who you are.

Crank up the action and build
a distraction, somehow -

you'll know who you are
when the world starts to tumble,
an archway, crashing about
broken arms - wildly pushing
at the pillars.

Deliver the message,
the knowledge, evolving

who you really are.

Revolting medicine,
madness, rejection, a forced
injection of reason, derision
to all avenues of outwardly
marching your ideals ..

torn from fine veils
of deceit, layered with
brash lashings of
self indulgence,

falling at your feet.

He loves you.

Walk over your own
incomprehension of defeat,
and lay down with those
who are fallen, broken,
backed around you.

Embrace him and lift him,
by allowing his gentle heart to lift
the heavy spirits that harbour
their cold-as-stone arms
around quicksand shores,

rushing off into the crashing
horses of the sea at night.

A word back to the world;
you are leaving.

The interlocking rings,
drawn across your heart of darkness
the arrow of love points down to where
everything always started from.

Step up afresh with new
colour in your shared flames,

a dream again.

by Gareth Rosser