All we have.

Conspicuous at last,
a clean and simple message
inspires me to stand up tall
on a green metal bench -
'...that is my view across

My young son follows suit by my side,
for the shear fun of it, 'No!' to HIGH we two,
and it strikes me that this is it.
I am rejoicing it,
the first day and here it is.

A lifting from the cold,
over and past such hollow,
burnt-out decline. An unclean
world's calm reassurance that we can
do better - repair, clean up and hear our
inner sense of right and wrong.

It is more than the sight and sign of
the words alone, that crack this
wretched crime among thinking, sinking,
feeling, believing, seeing people ...
dreaming of escape - when this is
all we have - this is all of us

and all we have.

by Gareth Rosser