Behind you.

A brutal reminder
of all that's behind you,
and none of it matters
when all of their echoes
are as wrong as you
could be, right now.

What is there
to listen, to all that
is given by echoes
of past lives, driven
home by seizures
of seeing.

For reason.

Chase out the demons,
the fairies, the feelings
and replace them
with seeing - the stars

now believe them

a burning in space
away back in time - cast
in physical law echoes
of chances, dances
barren and active


and plastic.

Metal sinks to float
magma and surface
tensions eject lessons

do we take them as
a god, to ourselves

as only those before us
could dreamed it

or see it - for ourselves - anew
with fresh insight, unafraid
that forever is always a challenge

to all that's behind you.

by Gareth Rosser