Beyond us.

Quantum Physics, fostering two steps,
away from the blind of the blur of the mind.

A particle, article, wave while apart across
spaces and places in time outside mine, a joining
adjoining, work without worlds of a whirling fabric,

of space and of time unshared, but rapid
rhythms of distances blistering to the listening.

Outside quenches the inside, whirlpool dropping
words torn into mysteries meaning less than the oceans
abounding to the call crushing negativity, with positivity

beyond the event horizons of everyones reckoning,
lessoning the yearning for more of the sharp edging, towards more,
of the truth - that ruthless pursuit - breakless, reckless, wayward
and more than worthy of a whole world's financial salute.

The beautiful truth of what we are made of,

beyond us.

by Gareth Rosser