An impact among the mountains of my dreams -
and shadows roar around the horizon - frightening
the creatures in the trees.

A cold light and crystallising sound of torn at, shattered air,
screaming out of wells within - the iron and the stones,
breaking up, careering in.

The flaming death of a shallow arrival, reaching across the sky,
to pound in a heart firing stop and drag out this open wound in mind.

Now here is the scene, of life given impact ... listening, for the whispers
of the wind between the branches - those life given chances -
a place where the quiet, unseen, learning lurks - to chase the fire.

The world runs on, escaping the screams.

Remember the dream.

The story is in seed, and burning deep over there - where the air still shudders,
if you listen to the words that last in the sky. At last in the sky,
a crescent, cast across the curvature of heaven - drawing out,

drawing in, breathing out, breathing in,

clearing a throat with the sparkling, flash dance of fire that bellows
devotion to our world's creators ... bringers of ice and fire, life and desire

comet - you know where to come.

by Gareth Rosser