A clear-fold might of meaning,
wraps it's fingers, thumb and buckled palm
about the growing spiral / double helix -
all entwined; so alights the high sentinel urge of pain.

Twist, emotion.

Rear the head of her devotion, all hair
in motion, a mane about the base sensation,

chasing elation.

Down a hoof, upon stone cold ground.

Round the footfall of gunpowder volley, down
amide the fragments of broken dreams, a crunch.

Weight, and worlds of muscle encircle bone
detached by the rotting grease of hate and thin white
paste of fate forgotten. Revolving cries - screams
shouted down about every dark eave - leaving
by wing and claw, and out to riven shores.

Leave a rose, innocence of season - red with a whirl
of sensual repulsion - rammed with hurling flames
from the throat of a heart, firing rhythms of shooting
flames over flames over flames - over shuddering chains
that lock and lurch, pinch and jolt - halt.

Flower, hanging head - slide sideways into the shadows ...

now of sleep alone, moaning darkness.


Alight? Trust has a hand upon the flight of one lightning arrow,
sent with feeling across unknown distances between feelings,

a leap of freedom - for giving, a leaving, wishing,

dreaming. A love new, revealing. A missing, homing dive,
to fulfill a promise left long beneath a river's persistant fall -
amid gentle weeds, aquatic greens. The thundering tide

of the darkest dream.

An open palm, lifting a jewelled ring out of adrenaline
slowed veils of luxurious water, sparkling and gleaming
in the light of fresh leaf. A germinating sun. An air,

thick with delicate seed and whistful reasons to believe.

Songs of legend, lost in time - a set metal trinket gift,

so simply inspired, inside.

by Gareth Rosser