A break down
a shatter cry of exasperation
at the edge of elation.

An awkward doorway
unfitting, twisted, heavily painted
yet securely embracing a single
dimension springboard.

After watching, waiting,
taking a break from the excellence
of reality - to see fleeting memories,
projected enemies, berated
places of all elements within

worn outwardly, upon a certain
freedom of expression, granted
flicker fast gyrations, by light.

A crashing cushion of night
softly shadows the edge into
eternity, to follow

clawing inside hollow tree trunks,
rasping at the roots of branches,
eating at the soft underside of bark,
biting at animals, crawling

we are revolting, flailing works
of our own imagination, when we
separate ourselves from creature.

An unending agony, is to see
against all intrusive odds - of words,
of works, of state and church

a carol, hymn - i wish my heart

would sing.

To see apart from all that's given
a delicate part in the layers of the strange

veils reign,

journeys that crave to remain,
never the same.

Eternity is an endless knife edge
a path across it, shot through blood,
into our life course, DNA.

by Gareth Rosser