Everybody write.

You can cast your correction
net across reflections, dancing
and distorted,

Spell Checker.

Your own spear will take another direction -
upon refraction. Calling out for your sensitivity
to the confusions of all authority

Spell Checker.

Why would you hunt, and why so bluntly
in such a tight barrel, broken and leaking
already with crushing separations caused

Spell Checker?

There had been a calling for dreams -
desires for improvement, community movement -
a realisation of power.


Fears. All of us caught up in one or another,
knowing it or not - and they then thrive around
every new corner, we all could make

more mistakes.

Share in these - broken distorted fragments
of dreams. For once be simply open and humble
to the meanings, screaming around you

Spell Checker.

More needs to be said, by more. More than you can
condescendingly cast your approving eye across without
feeling lost to the rhythms of human feelings -

blinkered as you are to them - Spell Checker.

Everybody write.

by Gareth Rosser