Fly Kite

Willing on the wind
to lift and reveal itself above
rolling turbulence that dances
down upon our area of earth

wrought through heavy blocks
fragile upon a railing world
of wailing rhythms, set sequences
of cause and consequence

a line cast, faintly hauling a heart
higher - a forgotten desire, to be
wholly tugged upon, drawn up
and out into spirals

limited only by angles, seeing
the world from another place,
emotion with another face, this time
and the last … where next?

it's a boundary between nothing
and nobody, air is where the mind
sets free from set ceilings to unbound
feelings… to dreaming.

There is a magic in the colour
set sail upon the other cover of a finely
written line up arching through holding
forces, a hug up on the air around us.

All a loss, when up on the whirl of wind
should we flounder, to fall fast and sharp
upon our answer or broken by a question
all a lesson, learning curve to lessen.

Contact, with a world up there
ahead of us, regardless of our actions
to tame or name it …

fly kite.

by Gareth Rosser