In Reality.

In silent superiority,
they haunt the world.

Even our glorious spring,
cross hatched with their
extended memes.

Those who speak
up among themselves,
stride out into a world
of chaotic conformity

just because

acceptance of all
famed authority is
arched over with 'respect'.

Shake apart and break those
metaphoric, love raping

shapes - of any meaning,

crying out to crumble in sand-
stone temporality.

Make our own legs,
un - buttressed, gravity footed
to our delicately savage -
evolving, tumbling world

rolling, and deflecting
across deadly heavens

shake with ecstasy,
at the grass

we know

… is green.

There is no other side,
to turn to, when the greatest
show passes us by -

on Earth here and now,
is where we die,

without a word to it - lovingly
attentive to it's lonely majesty

among the star stuff

of it's, and our, beginnings.

End less we are heavenly
bound for ever intertwined

in reality.

by Gareth Rosser