Is this all there is?

An empty arch,
a silent truth
unknown answers
to unasked questions

No reaction

A heightened sense in plain
rejection of the notions
outside all devotions

revolution ...

Angle grinder hurt
a universe of shattered dreams
scatter casting flaming stars
burning ashes, broken

torn apart

cut pieces, slivers folding into
the unseen, uncleaned
wretched creviced cracks

in our reality.

A violent arching, aching,
burning, rupturing organ disturbed
by boiling blood thrown over
the halls of knowing


clawing, gnawing - gutter grasping
chewing, trying … fighting


in it's demise, in it's entirety being,
edged towards the edge of vulgarity
and falling in, enveloped within,
holding tightly - burning brightly,
but without fire or light or any retreat
from the clamp-down of laws,
governing who and what is yours …

pulsing, purple - pounding ripples

within, descending into a whirlpool
of ignorance, cherished indifference
victoriously withdrawn from the world
of worlds beyond our making


by Gareth Rosser