Known unknown

Unvanquished mine
of vapid mimes. A song,
a sign, a hymn, a rhyme.

I take a sword, to cobwebbed
arches - ageing, empty corners.

Fine veils, dry rain,
dust settles the same.

A raucous, rolling stone
kicked, scuffed and crumbled
comes crushing past ashes
cast crassly outside all of fashion.

Where are they now, our
ancestors tales - joined with the,
one with the - encompassing light.

Take a chance to extinguish.

Cold, harsh and heartless - the blinding
truth cuts, grazes, chews at our feet.

Penetrating fear, broken head - dreads
whirling and falling, to lay mortally wounded,
bleeding all of life out into the ground.

Revolting, senses whirling -
utter - absolute darkness, under our
own archways, leading into unwelcome
and welcome embraces alike

but a workhorse of worlds colliding
can, appreciated in essence as dawn of
all time - be an explosion to elegance,
fine chance and romance.

Reaching a bright seam, I reach in

… and scream!

by Gareth Rosser