Life Lover

Loving the solitude,
loving the clarity, the vision
the stark reality of a world unbound
by any sense of purity, but creating it constantly
by tooth and by claw.

Save me from your fears.

Remove your foul of reality - a goldfish
alone in a perfectly clear bowl, in a world
of nothing but endless white.

I take no delight in your blindness.

Open your eyes, and see the world's wonders,
then wonder again at the "How?" and the "Why?", knowing
that what little you may ever know will never be enough
to encompass it all, everything that is, the wonder.

You're calling "Y", when you have the answers,
preprepared, engrained and instilled - that's a lie.

Nobody knows, and we all are equally qualified
to make our own blind judgements, or those based on
instinct, gut feeling, intuition or reason - even feelings
for freedom to be and drift and dream.

No, to your limitations and eternal commandments.

No, to your threats of endless pain and damnation.

No, to your presumption that there is only need and anguish.

Yes, to loving life as it is … wonder full,
eternal to us in it's darkest reaches, fleeting in it's brightest
flashes of crazy fancies - delightful and powerful

frightening and unforgiving

our narrow vision, time scale and sense crushed by immensity.

Life Lover, long life.

by Gareth Rosser