Lucky Eyes.

It has to be a strength
of impossible life -
to smile in the face
of infinite darkness.

An overwhelming dream
finds our minds, at the end
of a chain. Unbroken by death.
But should we suffer -

to flower, seed and pass?

To drag on our ideal,
is to steal all passion from
the future. To believe we
have a place that is sacred -

is a sour, still reflection,
on the water, that in time,
will always fall. All the better,
to see the smoke and believe.

It is rising from a fire,
that we will never contain -
though we all get to touch it
and burn with it a while.

Enough is enough -
that we scourn those
who step up and say
what it is.

To believe or not.
To believe in faith -
that has us flounder
on wild shores.

At the edge of infinity -
over a bottomless belly
of dreadfull darknes,
forever falls away.

Under our feet -
is the freedom to fall now,
or fly for a little while,
in hope, in wonder,

in reality.

In our own presence,
over eons of evolution.
To read of its ways,
and learn of its messages.

To the future, through
our lucky, lucky eyes.

by Gareth Rosser