My God.

At the intimate
edge of mind
there is a spirit
of so much more,
than survival.

So obviously

of love, life and
giving truth to
all who seek -
our immortal soul
for a life to live.

In our ultimate

there is more
than a chemical
soup - a harsh
catastrophy of
death over life


edge over edge
under knife-edge
of trials. A devil's
chaplain, advocating
a sour temptation
to shun revelation

in the face

of bitter hellfire
and foul relegation
to dwell in a sunless
hollow of fear, of
torment and sorrow


Yet this is life
and we will live it
- as we see it -
survival of the fittest
does not give up

on our chances

of forgiveness
for every edge we
have not fallen on.
Our persistant life
tells us. As the latest

tantalising line

in it's more epic story
than ours alone - how
love has found life in our
universe, to crystalise
out of its darkness

as the light in our lives

as we see it.
Believe it to be -
no less than it is,
no mere initial shout
of manly pride

bearded on high

clouds of human hair
standing salute to
the wonder, but more
than all that thunder,
as we chase to the

roots of striking lightning

with science, in the
undeniable echoes of
physical truth, within truth,
within truth, within truth...

The world of most wonder,
is all that's around us

right here, right now.

It's full of stars.

by Gareth Rosser