Ours alone

The nature of time,
blind to tomorrow, in
anything but the mind.

Eternity is behind us.

Holding our place here
is one long, sharply darkening and decaying arm -
life desolving easily within our emotional depth,
yet fired up into our vibrant living souls
through legions of fallen bodies

before us

torn material, cracks in the earth
a shoot of life among the monsters
of death, dragging down with a force
so shockwave hungry, that it burns

with wetness, worming its way
chewing and churning inside and urging,
by evolving, us.

The workhorse of worlds, revolving -
for nothing can stop now - eternity turning
the timepeice of mine, onto my wrist

and I am learning

the earlier, it leads me to drink
at the fire and brimstone edge
of a torn up world - of whirling dread,

only I can see it now, from here
as fresh, blood red, raw and evolving

the only promise for another life,

our own.

by Gareth Rosser