Share a dream.

Share a dream,
a meaningful shift in the seam,
between layers unfolded,
remoulded, warm and alive.

I dance down a finger,
angles, so softly removal,
hurdled movement to
further within.

A delicate chance,
left fragrantly open,
lost devotion, left

I love you.

Churlish repose to remorse,
forced feeling, retreat,
cheat, seat,

beat a dream out of
metal, malleable, molten,
worked hard and folded,
a fiery laminar flow.

Bite the fire, cry
out desire, hurtling here
around hours away, from
her edges closer.

Her hair, like water
warmed by the slowing of time
around ripples in between space
and place and distance faced.

Chased across mornings,
woken reminders of rivers
that flow forever,
laughing, babbling brooks.

Bridge it,
demolish me,
impact on stone, strain,
load, barriers and beams.

fresh air and flowers,
birds, bees and delicate
shadows, brushed in paint.

Delight in feeling.


by Gareth Rosser