I believe in magic,
but know it now -

with no fewer sparkles
and heady delight

- as reality.

All delusion of intention
in the stars, is as nothing


to what they really are.

We are built of one.
Our own atoms a part of it,
orbiting it, destined to
an ultimate end in it

and beyond it.

What we make of it -

as impossibly it's
only ever witness

- is wonder.

Fear and thunder
draw a thief to our beliefs
in understanding, shaken

and taken by night.

Waking up.

A realisation
a dawning upon us,
a constant, endless yawning
of knowledge, ever unspanned
by any bridge within our time.

A tumbling, rolling
explosion over all of time

our experience of now
so tightly limited to the past

we see our own sun
as it was eight minutes ago

we see some of our own actions
only six seconds after our brain
decides them

we are clouded within our
own constructs - so trust, have faith
in no-one … remaining forever sceptical
of even ourselves, is where the
magic tells us

it lies.

by Gareth Rosser