Not even the wind will blow in my direction today.

It is so hard not to feel it is mocking, as it
blows in my face, while I wind up my lines.

As I will - tell you my son, on this Father's Day.

There is in all these movements - and falling -
a grand insignificance, a hurt without holding

on ... and on and on.

The waves and the whirls out there - are in here,
and they reach a beating heart to bring such fear of meaning.

I see it, and I will dance with it, roll with my own chances
and laugh - at all my loses ... but die a little too.

Please, there is feeling in a verse without figure.


While head over heart, is our evolved posture,
there is still a voice in the wind, but in my time it is my own -

and in my many failings - as well as any ambitions to fly.

I went to buy icecream from Coop, but couldn't do it -
for the memories of sharing Ben and Jerry's - then stepping out

in front of a fast red car was the stupidest thing.

The stupidest thing is that there is no protest,
from emotion to reality that will stand the oncoming traffic

of a separated future.

So when you are alone, know that I am loving you - with all my life -
and love don't look back and certainly not up to me, but go - head

over heart into the future - you are Falling

in Wonders, in a universe of passionate gravity,

in love.

by Gareth Rosser